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Pristine Aloe Vera is a unique food for the cells that has been discovered to contain over 200 naturally occurring vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, growth factors, glycoproteins, natural plant polysaccharides (complex sugars).

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Understanding the way these nutrients work together with some of their astounding direct properties is beginning to explain the myriad of benefits found when using this aloe topically and internally. It was the Aloe’s dramatic effect of people’s health (specially the enhancement of the immune system) that led to scientific and clinical research that documents the beneficial properties of these remarkable nutrients (including the beta-linked glucomannans) found in this unique “ food for the cells.”

The Properties

Fresh Aloe and Aloe processed without heat has been found to contain uniquely large and complex aloe-polysaccharides, together with other natural nutrients including fatty acids, enzymes and plant sterols, to have the following beneficial properties:

Available to All Systems of the Body

Led by the large polysaccharides, the aloe, with all its nutrients intact, can survive the digestive process and be absorbed into the blood stream where it can be drawn into the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body. These “leaders” (polysaccharides), the beta-glucomannans have been found to:

Increase Absorption and Penetration

A unique penetrating action acts as a biological vehicle drawing its nutrients dramatically through the tissues and cells of the body. Thus, it can increase the effectiveness of other nutrients.

Promotes Tissue Growth and Regeneration

Inside and out, stimulates fibroblasts production of collagen and proteoglycans for a new tissue growth. Contains and activates natural growth factors.

Cleanse and Detoxify

Enhances the break-down and removal of excess waste, mucous, toxins, heavy metals and foreign buildup from cells, tissues, organs

Fortify Cell Membranes

which may increase resistance to infection

Improve Cellular Metabolism

Enhancing energy and optimal functioning of each cell of the body

Unique Bio-Protective Processing

Careful stabilization and processing is crucial to retain and protect the potency, integrity and biological activity of the entire fresh aloe plant as originally designed by Nature.

Never Concentrated, Diluted or Dried

The Aloe’s natural proportions are maintained throughout our entire processing and bottling. Water is never removed or added. Aloe researchers have found that the processes used to remove water to make a concentrated or dried aloe product can destroy the largest polysaccharides (which may also further broken down due to the concentration the remaining salts). Thus the high “solids” (MPS) count of these concentrated products may indicate a high concentration of these salts, sugars, smaller polysaccharides and other solids. Our process retains the water in the proportions designed by nature, protecting the integrity of the larger polysaccharides and aloe molecule’s intricate balance (all its nutrients bound to the polysaccharides with water). This maximizes the Aloe’s potency, its biological activity, and ensures the full potential of its many vital nutrients (including water) as they are drawn into and utilized by the cells of the body.

Using The Whole Leaf of the Brrbadensis-Miller Plant

It was recently discovered that there are at least five times more of the key active ingredients in the leaf of the aloe than in the gel of the inner plant because the nutrients are manufactured and stored in the outer rind and leaf of the plant. Thus, using both the leaf and the gel produces a more potent aloe.

USAGE: To get the most benefit from drinking PristineAloe, it is important to find the right amount for you and to make a commitment to daily, consistent use to support your optimal level of health.

It is best to start out drinking a small amount

(1/2 to 1oz.) once or twice a day

Then slowly increase (by 1 or 2 oz. per day) to the amount you feel achieves the effects you desire.

Maintain this usage (several weeks or months) until you feel fortified and then slowly back off (by 1oz. at a time) to where you feel the benefits you have achieved are being maintained

Maintenance usage will be where you continue to use this as nutritional support to maintain your optimal level of functioning.

Best to drink on an empty stomach for optimal absorption before or between meals. Can be mixed with your favorite fruit juice or any cold beverage (not hot water).

Split Your Quantities

It is best to drink throughout the day in smaller divided quantities (at least 2-4 times a day) rather than all at one time. This helps it to be best absorbed and keeps it available in your system.

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