coconut oilRaw Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil

Raw Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil is extracted by centrifuge, creating the purest oil available anywhere. Coconut Oil is a colorless to pale brownish- yellow oil that has a melting point ranging from 73°F to 78°F. It has been described as the “Healthiest Oil on Earth.” It is the world’s ONLY low-calorie fat! Raw Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil serves many uses; it is deliciously edible, great for cooking, and also works wonders on skin.

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Coconut oil will solidify below 76°F. In solid form, it can be used as a butter substitute. Keep away from sunlight; no refrigeration needed.

Coconut Oil has a hundred uses for health and home…

People who really know about health… know about Raw Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil. It’s the oil of choice for health-conscious people, and it’s used in everything from smoothies (delicious!) to personal care products. You can use coconut oil both inside and outside your body.

It’s even useful for cooking because coconut oil has a much higher temperature tolerance than even extra virgin olive oil. Its fat molecules stay intact, in other words, at higher stovetop temperatures, so that makes it safer for use as a cooking oil. It’s also widely used in raw foods recipe as a stabilizer and source of delicious plant-based fats with their own unique nutritional properties.

Raw Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil is 44.6% lauric acid, 16.8% myristic acid, and 8.2% palmitic acid, and it’s composed mostly of medium-chain-fatty-acids (MCFA). MCFAs are widely regarded as extremely useful for providing sustainable energy due to their molecular structure. Many bodybuilders and athletes rely on MCFAs as a key part of their high-performance diets.

You can use this coconut oil to make your own skin care products. Melt a small amount of bees wax in a pan with coconut oil, add some medicinal herbs or tinctures, and you’ve made your own skin salve! Coconut oil is a wonderful base for all sorts of personal care products. It’s great for skin, hair, face and your entire body, head to toe.

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