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Royal Jelly Nutrition: 12-13% Protein, 12-15% Carbohydrates, 5-6% beneficial lipids. It is also high in B vitamins, including pantothenic acid. It contains minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and 17 amino acids including the eight essential amino acids. Royal Jelly is the “Most Perfect” form of predigested vegetable protein, it is the richest source of naturally occurring bio-available enzymes… on the planet. This predigested vegetable protein it does not require it own enzymes to digest itself… it possesses an abundance of living enzymes. Not to mention the fact that this anabolic miracle contains testosterone. Not a mimetic, but the actual hormone.

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Quality: A fatty acid called 10-HDA has been identified to establish a universal standard for quality of royal jelly. In nature, this fatty acid occurs at a percentage of between 1.5% and 2.2%. Fresh Royal jelly that has a 10-HDA content within this range is considered good to excellent quality. We can provide on request a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory to verify the content. All of our royal jelly meets this high standard for quality control so you can be assured you are getting the purest fresh frozen royal jelly possible.

Royal Jelly and the Queen Bee

One of the most valuable gifts of nature man has ever discovered is Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly, which is produced by honeybees, is used to nourish and sustain the queen bee. The queen bee receives Royal Jelly throughout her entire life span up of eight years. She rules the hive and may lay as many as one quarter of a million eggs in one season alone. Worker bees do not receive Royal Jelly except for the first three days of their lives. They live only from two to six months. The egg from which the queen bee hatches is identical to all the others. This fact has led researchers to the conclusion that her longevity is attributable only to nutrition. Obviously, Royal Jelly contains some very potent substances, which are directly responsible for the queen bee’s remarkable vitality. It has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the overall vitality of the human body as well, particularly the reproductive system. Researchers have analyzed Royal Jelly and found that it contains complete proteins, several types of natural sugars, unsaturated fatty acids, and a number of enzymes, and is a rich source of pantothenic acid, nucleic acid, and Vitamin B6. In fact, Royal Jelly is one of the richest sources, per weight, of the Vitamin B complex in a natural form.

Royal Jelly and Glen Caulkins

In 1875 royal jelly was $500.00 a gram; the dose was the end of a toothpick for the elite. In 1954 royal jelly was $50.00 to $500.00 an ounce, the average was about $100.00 an ounce, the dose was upped to 1/4 (25 mg’s) to three grams (3,000 mg’s) a day. In the mean time, China figured out to trick the beehive into creating more royal jelly (without compromising the hive); royal jelly is more abundant than it has ever been in history.

Glen Caulkins pioneered the consumption of large quantitates of royal jelly. He started buying 100 kilos of royal jelly at a time… over 20 years ago. Glen looked at this substance and realized it was just food, after all, the queen bee only eats royal jelly her whole life. So he started increasing his dose… he consumed one kilo a week for many years, He consumed one pound of royal jelly at one time… He quit counting at 300 kilos… royal jelly is the most perfect form of predigested vegetable protein. Currently, Glen consumes about two kilos of royal jelly a month… in his Meal Replacement “The Nectar of Eternal Youth.”

Royal Jelly is a Potent Testosterone Booster

Royal jelly is literally packed full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It’s also filled with acetylcholine, which is a strong neurotransmitter that improves the messaging between cells and hormones. Acetylcholine is a strong methylator, helping the liver to chelate estrogenic molecules out of the body. Not to mention the fact that this anabolic miracle contains small amounts of testosterone. Not a mimetic, but the actual hormone.

Here’s what the modern day research says about this hormonal miracle:

1. This human study from 2007 concluded in the Thi-Qar College of Medicine in Iraq, found out that 25 mg’s (a minuscule amount) of Royal jelly mixed in honey was enough to increase testosterone levels by 20% on infertile men.

2. This study from the Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine, found out that when healthy human subjects are given 3,000 mg’s (3 grams) of Royal jelly for the period of 6 months, they increase their testosterone levels by 14% when compared to placebo. They also found out that the jelly increased red blood cell count, which according to the researchers is caused by the elevated testosterone levels.

3. University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, reports that 6 month supplementation with Royal Jelly; significantly increased testosterone, lowered heart disease risk, and improved cognitive skills in older men.

The preliminary reason on why Royal jelly increases testosterone levels is not fully understood, as one study found out that it stimulates the pituitary gland, another one found out that it converts DHEA more easily into testosterone by stimulating 3β-HSD2 and/or 17β-HSD3 enzymes, and both of the human studies found out that royal jelly increased luteinizing hormone (LH) which is a sign that it stimulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles route.

Royal jelly is an anabolic miracle produced by worker bees, and it significantly increases testosterone levels in infertile men, healthy men, rats, bucks, and hamsters. Given that these studies are non-sponsored and peer-reviewed, it’s quite clear that Royal jelly is a powerful testosterone booster, a scientifically proven one.

Pantothenic Acid in Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly contains up to six times the amount of pantothenic acid found in brewer’s yeast and liver. Pantothenic acid has been able to increase the life span of laboratory animals by over 200%, while at the same time producing increased stamina and endurance. Pantothenic acid is an antioxidant, a substance that prevents the abnormal oxidation of cells by destructive chemicals known as free radicals. Free radicals are produced by consuming rancid unsaturated oils, drinking chlorinated water, smoking, inhaling carbon monoxide, being exposed to radiation, consuming chemical food additives, and from bowel irregularities that release toxic gases into the bloodstream. The presence of B5 is necessary to convert choline into the neuro-transmitter acetylcoline, which involves memory, mental focus and reproduction. Pantothenic acid is also the catalyst for the production and release of the indispensable adrenal hormones. Common B5 deficiency symptoms are adrenal exhaustion, hypoglycemia, fatigue, irritability, hair loss, disorders of the nervous system, skin problems and premature aging. Royal Jelly contains between 18 to 22 amino acids, including all the essential ones, depending on the source of the pollen – resulting in a complete protein food.

Vitamin B in Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a good source of the B complex, the single most important group of nutrients for the health of the nerves. With its antibiotic properties, Royal Jelly acts as a powerful batenostatic and increases cellular defenses against infection. Nucleic acids are also present, and these determine the rebuilding process of each cell. Science has determined that the regular ingestion of DNA-RNA substances has special rejuvenating and restorative effects on the internal glands, organs, and memory and thought clarity. It helps alleviate premature aging, senility, wrinkling, adrenal gland dysfunction, and organ atrophy and conditions related to nucleic acid deficiency. Royal Jelly contains the “Intrinsic Factor”, a co-protein necessary to absorb Vitamin B12 which is required for red blood cell formation and synthesis of DNA-RNA. Royal Jelly contains every essential nutrient necessary to support human life. It is the synergistic action of all these elements working together that results in the amazing benefits of Royal Jelly.

Stamina in all Stages of Life

The most basic weapons in the fight against disease are the numerous nutrients that the cells of our bodies need. Food must not only supply our fuel, but also the daily required amounts of these nutrients in quality and balance. Because Royal Jelly is so reliable, it can be used either for its preventative insurance benefits or as a medicine for those who suffer from injury, stress or illness. Its concentration of precious and stable elements makes it a super supplement of high biological value, unique in all the plant animal kingdom. Royal Jelly is a perfectly balanced supplement for men and women who wish to maintain vigor and stamina in all stages of life, particularly during and past middle age, for women experiencing menopausal symptoms and, since it is a concentrated natural food source, for athletes and body builders who require optimum physical stamina.

Primary Applications of Fresh Royal Jelly:

  • promotes anti aging / aids longevity
  • helps promote smooth, healthy and toned skin
  • facilitates fertility and helps reverse impotence
  • stimulates the immune system
  • fights against viral and bacterial infection
  • regulates and balances hormones
  • bacteriocidal action on bacteria like staph
  • stimulates growth
  • lowers blood lipids and cholesterol
  • helps to regenerate bone growth
  • builds tissue and muscle
  • supports wound healing
  • hepato-protective (liver)
  • increase vigor and physical strength
  • support during pregnancy and menopause
  • helps alleviate arthritis pain
  • stimulates memory and mental function
  • antidepressive and anti-anxiety effect
  • can help regulate weight
  • rejuvenates the aged, sick or week.
  • menopause related symptoms
  • impotence
  • infertility
  • chronic fatigue
  • skin blemishes and wrinkles
  • immune system stimulant
  • viral and bacterial infections
  • endocrine system disorders

  • hormonal imbalances
  • coronary artery disease
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • weight control
  • weak bones
  • retarded growth
  • bladder infections
  • wound healing
  • anemia
  • inflammations
  • liver ailments
  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • impaired memory
  • depression
  • panic or anxiety attacks
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • anabolic support
  • weak or tired eyes
  • arteriosclerosis
  • malnutrition
  • mental exhaustion
  • mononucleosis
  • ulcers
  • eczema
  • impetigo
Usage: One teaspoon to one tablespoon daily; can be combined with Shilajit, Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Kelp, Coconut Oil, etc.

Suggested storage: refrigerated at 35°F minimum. Royal jelly does not have an expiration date when it is kept frozen (best in a deep freezer). If royal Jelly is kept refrigerated it does not go bad in the same sense that milk or vegetables would but the enzymes, which are alive begin to break down after 3 or 4 weeks. When ordering kilos of Royal Jelly, it is best divide it into several containers and freeze them individually. Keep your monthly supply refrigerated.

**This product does not contain any of the eight major allergens, however, bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people.


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